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Holiday Table Decor Ideas/ 4 Ways To Set Your Thanksgiving Table

Holiday Table Decor Ideas/ 4 Ways To Set Your Thanksgiving Table


Incorporate Rustic Elements


  1. Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family, sharing meals, and most importantly: nature! Every year, we watch our leaves change color from bright green to beautiful oranges, browns, and reds. Incorporating these natural elements as centerpieces, such as branches, flowers, and leaves, will allow you to achieve the perfect fall ambiance.


  1. Add a table runner

If you have a long table to accommodate your entire family this year, a runner is a perfect feature to bring your table together. In order to seamlessly achieve your theme, a table runner can serve as the perfect element. Often, tables can become cluttered and unorganized, especially if they are long, however a table runner will allow your table to look put together and classy.


  1. Use Name Placers

Thanksgiving can be a hectic time, and name placers are a perfect detail that can remind us what it’s really about. While adding a sense of elegance and class to your table decor, they also allow your guests to feel special and cared for. A perfect element of intimacy, you are able to get creative with them! You can use oversized paper clips or paint their names on a pumpkin: whatever matches your theme!


  1. Decorate with Mini Pumpkins!

It is often a misconception that pumpkins are solely for Halloween, but this couldn't be further from the truth! Decorating your table with mini white and orange pumpkins are a staple for Thanksgiving. Try finding pumpkins with whimsical stems to achieve the rustic, farmhouse vibe we all want!




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