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1. Convenience:
Faux Christmas trees are all the rage this year for one main reason: convenience! Have you ever been through the process of lugging your dead christmas tree outside every year, just to buy another one next year? People all over the world are opting for a fake tree for this exact reason. You set it up, admire the lights, and then take it back down and store it for next year!
2.  Money:
A common misconception is that faux Christmas trees are much more expensive than a real one; but this couldn't be further from the truth! Faux Christmas trees are a lifetime investment.
An average Christmas tree is about 100-150 dollars, and you have to buy one every single year! On the other hand, if you invest in a fake tree once, you never have to buy another one again. 

3. Tidiness:


Because Christmas trees are just that, trees, they tend to become messy. During the holidays, most will find themselves sweeping at pines at least once a day, and it can become quite exhausting. Attempting to keep a tidy home while you have a living element in your home can be quite difficult, so many have decided to opt for a fake one!

4. Style and Size

Real tree

Though real trees are beautiful- it may be more difficult to find the right one for your aesthetic and you may end up with a Charlie Brown tree. The other issue can be size. A tree in the lot may seem a lot smaller when it’s in the great outdoors, but overtake your living room once you bring it home. You can’t really measure something from Mother Nature.


Fake Tree

You can choose the exact tree you like whether it’s full or pencil thin, an Aspen or a Fir, and the size that’s right for you. From little 4.5 foot trees to tall 9 foot trees the choices are extensive.

The winner- in the old days real trees would have won hands down. The new artificial Christmas trees are life-like and beautiful and the only thing you might be missing is that real tree smell. 

Conclusion The Winner - Fake Christmas Trees!

Real Tree

You may still have an image of the good old days, pulling kids in a wagon, grabbing an axe and hitting the great outdoors. Yes, it provided a chance for family bonding, but it was also a recipe for tears, frostbite, and often disappointment when the perfect tree wasn’t found. Also, real trees are a real fire hazard when they dry out. 


Fake Tree

When artificial trees hit the market they didn’t exactly scream Evergreen, but now they are beautiful, flame retardant, life-like (especially ours) easy to set up and maintain, long lasting and safer overall. And there is a tree for every style whether you like green, white, or pink

Make your Christmas a little merrier and certainly a lot easier by treating yourself to an artificial Christmas tree this year. Most of ours are on sale, so get them while they last!

Happy Holidays !


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