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5 Tips Home Decor For Halloween

5 Tips Home Decor For Halloween

Halloween Tips Blog!

Halloween is just around the corner and it is essential to not only prepare your costumes, but prepare your home too! The first thing your guests see when they arrive at your home is your front door and porch, to make sure to add pumpkins, leaves and reefs!

Next, adjust the lighting in your home to create a spooky but sophisticated vibe. Decorations are important, but we have to appeal to all senses! Light candles around your home to add to the dim lighting, but also to create
a pumpkin scent.

A beautiful tip for your center pieces is adding branches to your flower
arrangements. This will keep the fresh, aesthetically pleasing tone while adding hints of halloween to your home.

Dark throw pillows and blankets are essential for halloween time, too!
Dark accents around your house, even in your furniture, are the perfect way to add to the spooky but modern tones!

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