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The Difference Between Indoor & Outdoor Furniture

The Difference Between Indoor & Outdoor Furniture

It's a common misconception: thinking outdoor and indoor furniture are interchangeable. While it may seem like an insignificant exchange, the truth is that the distinction is quite important. Here, we will explain why, and also help you understand what characteristics set them apart.

First of all, the very obvious differences between indoor and outdoor furniture lie in appearance. Indoor furniture tends to maintain a more comfortable look, with soft fabric and cushiony seating. Wood can be integrated into indoor design without worry of water damage or wear, further creating a sense of coziness within any home. This is not the case for outdoor furniture, where waterproof materials are used in order to protect against weather conditions, and any wood feature must be treated with preventative measures. There is a generally harder look to outdoor furniture, using smaller sections of cushions to provide ample seating in any outdoor area. The reasons for such differences in appearance boil down to one simple notion: certain materials just do not cut it outdoors. 

Any furniture subject to the weather and conditions of the great outdoors will have to withstand the circumstances. In order to ensure a long-lasting, reliable furniture set up, it must have characteristics that prevent fading, damage, and protect against water or weather in general. Outdoor furniture specifically has these characteristics and tends to survive longer under outdoor conditions due to its structure, build, and ability to remain unaffected by weather occurrences. However, indoor furniture is not made to withstand such an environment, and is much more susceptible to damage and wear over time. Placing indoor furniture outside simply leads to issues with longevity and would require purchasing new furniture sooner than what is optimal.

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