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2022 Top Color Trend

2022 Top Color Trend

As we moved into the new year, society pretty much discarded the trends of the past. We said goodbye to cool greys and hello earth tones, and we are pretty sure that was the right move. 

Warmth has been pretty much the center of attention when it comes to choosing colors for homes. Neutral tones such as soft blues, sages, and pastels have been skyrocketing, especially when paired with subtle pops of color in certain design features. 


The overall idea has been creating a space that focuses on intimacy, comfort and coziness. If you think about it, this trend echoes what society has been recently craving over this pandemic. We have been subjected for months to our homes, overwhelmed by the chaos of the world, searching for a place to feel calm and entirely under our control. 


Nature seems to always have that calming effect on people. Breathing in the fresh air, observing the vibrant colors of flora and fauna, interacting with nature. Who wouldn’t want to mimic that feeling in their homes, bringing in those earthy tones and soft hues in order to connect themselves to such an amazing source of undisturbed tranquility. 


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