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MagBuddy Headrest Mount

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Naztech MagBuddy headrest mount, compact and cradle-free magnetic system that firmly secures even the largest tablets without vibrations or wiggling.    The adjustable clamps are universal compatible and effortlessly secure the mount to any vehicle's headrest. 

Naztech MagBuddy headrest mount has a sleek low profile and a 360° pivoting head design for viewing at any angle. 

Get entertainment on your terms load up your iPad or tablet with all the latest games, tv shows, and movies you want before you hit the road, Insta-Lock it onto the mount and enjoy the hands-free entertainment. The fun doesn’t need to stop when you reach your destination, you can take the Naztech Magbuddy with you.

Special Features:

  • Fully adjustable to fit any headrest
  • Quick install and removal
  • Powerful neodymium magnets
  • Bump-free and hands-free media viewing
  • Compact & cradle-free design electronic.
  • 360 swivel ball for portrait or landscape viewing

Package Contents:

  • 1 Magnetic head
  • 1 Headrest mount
  • 1 Large adhesive MagBuddy plate
  • 1 Small adhesive MagBuddy plate