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How Can You Put Your Part During Water Quality Month?

How Can You Put Your Part During Water Quality Month?


      Did you know that august is water quality month? With august being the ending of summer, people are still enjoying the last bits of the hot weather they can get which involves hydrating with water!

       Water Quality Month reminds us to take a long, hard look at what your household and community are doing to protect sources of freshwater.

      There are many ways that you can help out during water quality month and it starts by changing the way you do things at home! For example,

  • Not flushing unwanted or out-of-date medications down the toilet or drain.
  • Avoid using pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
  • Choose nontoxic household products when possible.
  • Pick up after pets.

These are some simple steps you can take in the comfort of your home to help out during Water Quality Month!

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