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Nikken PiMag Water Purifier

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 NIKKEN PiMag water purifier technology begins with a high-tech multi-stage filtration system based on natural materials to purify water without chemicals.

Nikken adds magnetic technology and ceramic elements that provide minerals for the production of Pi water. The result is a water system that is more environmentally friendly, less expensive and more practical than commercial bottled water.

NIKKENs PiMag water forms the water cycle of nature to give you an energetic, clean, slightly alkaline, textured, moisture moisturizing, delicious “PI” water for your whole life.

The Nikken Pimag is a tap water filter that is economical, practical and easy to use and provides one of the essential elements for health.

The Nikken PiMag water purifier is the flagship of Nikken and offers one of the simplest and most passive ways to improve the health of you and your family immediately.


  • Advance filtration: PiMag Water Technology includes a system of multiple filters that provides a defense against a broad range of tap water contaminants. Among the filtration media employed is a natural carbon filter that captures microscopic particles.


  • Charcoal carbon is a natural material that operates on the adsorption principle. It provides a vast amount of surface area for adsorption, and thus makes an extremely effective filter medium.


  • Produce Alkaline Water: PiMag Water Technology adds natural minerals and adjusts pH value to 8.5-9.5 range (alkaline) to help counterbalance a largely acidic modern environment. Corrosion-protected magnets produce a magnetic field surrounding the direction of water flow to reduce sediment agglomeration.


  • Good for health: Higher pH (or alkaline) water is now seen by many as an essential component of their daily intake of liquids, contributing towards better body balance by counteracting the increased acidity of our modern diets. It is believed that alkaline water with a low oxidization reduction potential (ORP) helps restore this balance while also helping to defend your body against illness.