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Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

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Get healthy food with crispy outside and tender inside with the air fryer toaster oven! This air fryer toaster oven combo features balance heating system to fry up food. Oil-free cooking method drives out the extra fat in the food itself, while maintaining deep fried crispiness.

With 7 pre-set cooking functions, this 19 quarts convection oven will simplify any cooking tasks, including toasting, dehydrating, broiling, baking, etc. 4 Intuitive knobs let you conveniently adjust time, temperature, cooking function and toast time.

You can prepare ample gourmet food for your family members with ease. Besides, transparent window and interior lighting allow you to monitor the food easily while cooking. Moreover, 4 useful dishwasher-safe accessories are provided for your convenience. All these accessories are removable for easy cleaning. 

Add this 7 in 1 air fryer  toaster oven combo  to your list and say goodbye to your separate appliances!



7-in-1 Versatile Air Fryer Oven: Featuring 7 pre-set cooking functions, this electric air fryer toaster oven will simplify any kitchen task from air frying, broiling, baking to toasting, dehydrating and warming, the convection oven will satisfy all your diverse cooking needs by making a variety of cuisines. And you can select the ideal modes through adjusting function switch.
Healthy Oil-Free Air Fryer: Different from the traditional way of cooking with hot oil, this convection toaster oven adopts up and down balance heating (4 heating tubes on the top, 2 on the bottom) to fry up food. The adjustable temperature from 250℉- 450℉ drives out the extra fat in the food, while maintaining the crispy taste of traditional way.
Large Family Size and Safety Guarantee: The air fryer toaster oven could easily fit 6 slices of toast, a 9 inches pizza, 3 pounds chicken wings and a 4 pounds chicken in the 19-quart interior space. You can make plenty of food for the whole family. Besides, non-slip foot pads, heat-resistant handle and oven mitt will provide further safety insurance.
4 Knobs for Easy Operation: Four electroplated knobs help you control the time, temperature and cooking mode effortlessly. You can set the temperature from 250℉ to 450℉ and the time from 0 to 60 minutes as you want. Meanwhile, the additional toast timer from 0-8 minutes provides with three baking color options (light, med, dark).
Dishwasher-Safe Accessories and Considerate Design: This air fryer toaster oven comes with 4 dishwasher safe cooking accessories including fry basket, oven rack, baking pan and crumb tray. All accessories are removable for easy cleaning. Additionally, transparent window and interior lighting allow you to monitor the food easily while cooking.


Specifications :

  • Color available:Mint green, Silver
  • Net weight: 18 lbs
  • Overall dimension: 19.5" x 12" x 12.5" ( L x W x H)
  • Voltage: 120V/60Hz
  • Power: 1550W
  • Cooking temperature: 250℉-450℉
  • Overall capacity: 19 Qt / 18 L
  • Oven time: 60 minutes
  • Toast time: 8 minutes
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Air Fryer toaster oven
  • 1 x Fry basket
  • 1 x Oven rack
  • 1 x Baking pan
  • 1 x Crumb tray
  • 1 x Oven mitt